Cloud Migration Services


Cloud Migration Services

"Organizations, regardless of the size, are contemplating to move their businesses to a cloud platform. Many companies have already embarked on their cloud journey. Though easy to pronounce, cloud migration is a complex phenomenon. Cloud Migration Services facilitate the switching of business elements of an organization from its on-premises servers to a cloud platform."

Needy: The success of any business depends upon the ability to manage it effectively. Increasing demands of the customers, tremendous competition, and the pressure to cut down costs compel enterprises to come up with a strategy that lets them do more with less."


Therefore, enterprises need to search for a partner that has experience in determining the assets to be moved, the costs to be incurred and the type of cloud security solutions that are to be implemented later. Enterprises, before floating to the cloud, also need to consider cloud governance that would guarantee a smooth environment alongside the advantages of the cloud. As a cloud solutions company, Navtech has experience in devising migration strategies and implementing governance practices that let enterprises to cherish the vast array of benefits offered by a cloud platform

Benefits of Cloud Migration Services

Able & Scalable
The innate scalability of the cloud allows organizations to procure resources according to demand. Thus, eliminating the need to forecast future requirements.

Accost your Costs
Operating full-scale and reducing costs is a dream of every organization. Moving to a cloud platform will help you to reduce costs as you only pay for what you use.

Agility & Flexibility
A cloud platform offers you to test and deploy applications in a flexible manner. It also allows you to quickly remove an application and replace it with another one.

Encourage your Storage
Procuring huge amounts of data storage at a low cost is an added benefit. When needed, you can widen or narrow the storage.

Affability & Mobility
This one is for your employees. They can access important information from anywhere, provided they are connected to the internet, without compromising security.

Automate & Update
Important business applications stay up-to-date as updates are done in the backend without any interference. This increases  stability and also decreases the work of IT.

How can we help you?

At Navtech, we make use of our expertise in delivering cloud-based services to boost your business. We cater to PaaS and SaaS requirements of our clients. Our experts guide you in identifying business drivers, defining a cloud roadmap for your business and managing your cloud resources. We take care of your cloud platforms and assist you in developing cloud-based applications. Apart from these, we offer our clients the freedom to choose specific tools suitable for their need. Developing applications in the cloud reduces the time to market. We ensure that our clients receive no less than a remarkable experience.

Benefits of working with us

Smooth Sailing
We understand your needs and design appropriate cloud migration services to guarantee a smooth journey to the cloud.

Experienced team
Migration requires experience. Our experts have experience with the leading cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

Secured Workloads
Our experts ensure the security of your workloads during and beyond the entire migration process.

Rapid Deployment
Once you have migrated your business assets, we help you to quickly deploy the applications and services in the cloud.

Rigorous monitoring
We won’t abandon you after you have moved to the cloud. We provide you with 24/7 operational support.

Tracking made easy
Tracking where the data exists in a cloud is an arduous task. We make sure that your data is easy to discover and manage

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