Cloud Governance Solutions


Cloud Governance Solutions

Whether you have an idea of a startup or you’re running a large-scale enterprise, a cloud platform renders rapid access to IT resources at a feasible cost. In order to witness the full potential of the cloud, enterprises need to administer certain doctrines or principles; typically Cloud Governance.

Migrating to the cloud is only the first step to garner its benefits. You still got a lot of miles to walk as the cloud is surrounded by a plethora of challenges. Hence, governing the cloud is very critical to address these challenges.


Benefits of Cloud Governance Solutions


Abhor instance wastage
Instance wastage is the primary cause for a colossal annual or monthly cloud bill. With proper governance, you can reduce instance wastage

Address security & compliance risks
An effective governance strategy helps you to mitigate the major inhibitors of opting Cloud Migration Services

Provision right size & capacity
Evaluate the right size and the capacity of the instances to be procured from the service provider

Enhance accessibility
Implement role-based access control to prevent unauthorized infiltration of using and procuring resources.

Monitor cloud spend
Track the cloud spend by administering licensing and chargeback capabilities across all services used by the organization

Optimize cloud costs
Identify areas of improvement and take measures to garner the benefits of cloud computing services

How can we help you?

By now, you must have understood the significance of implementing governance measures for your cloud. Navtech integrates with your AWS/ Azure cloud to offer appropriate Cloud Governance Solutions. Our solutions are supported by powerful and trusted SLA’s that are customized based on your requirement. We identify the best approach to ensure that your new and existing processes agree with existing IT governance policies. We monitor how much your organization is spending on cloud and identify areas where you could reduce the cloud costs.

Benefits of working with us

Wider range
Navtech has a huge range of customizable offerings for your data present in the cloud environment

Establish control
Our solutions help your enterprise retain the control of your cloud by applying business-specific policies

Tag Enforcement
Using our AWS tag enforcement approach, you can ensure that all your instances have been assigned with important metadata

Efficient resource acquisition
With the self-service provisioning ability, you can control the type of instances acquired throughout your organization

Increase agility
Our end-to-end solutions help you maintain a mature cloud environment which increases agility and lets you achieve your business goals

We offer robust Cloud Advisory Services that help you to give shape to new business opportunities

Cloud services we provide

Cloud Managed Services
Manage your applications and workloads for a seamless cloud experience

Cloud Migration Services
Cherish the benefits of the cloud by leveraging our solutions

Cloud Advisory Services
Identify suitable business opportunities with the help of our experts

Cloud Security Solutions
Safeguard your cloud environments with our effective security solutions

Cloud Provisioning Services
Provision and de-provision cloud resources according to your demand

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Gain a competitive advantage with our PaaS and SaaS solutions