Cloud Computing Services


Cloud Computing Services

"Cloud computing services provide an advanced way of computing via the internet. They provide organizations the flexibility to provision resources on demand and pay only for what they use. These services made it possible to use IT as a service instead of IT as a product. There is a huge inventory of cloud service providers with Amazon Cloud Services at the top of the stack."

Needy: The success of any business depends upon the ability to manage it effectively. Increasing demands of the customers, tremendous competition, and the pressure to cut down costs compel enterprises to come up with a strategy that lets them do more with less."

In the past, enterprises had to pay huge amounts for on-premises infrastructure. They had to predict future needs so that the infrastructure would last for coming years. The new style of computing i.e cloud eliminates the hassle of forecasting needs and the trouble of paying huge amounts for infrastructure. Instead, enterprises could simply procure services or resources according to their current need. Therefore, if you are searching for an experienced cloud solutions company, then Navtech is the right choice for you.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

Low-cost solutions
Cloud computing offers a way to give shape to an idea for those who cannot pay huge amounts for infrastructure. Even established companies can reduce their overall costs.

Resource requirements of a project are always fluctuating. In a cloud environment, resources can be turned up or down to meet the changing demands.

The important data and applications present in the cloud can be accessed virtually by the employees of an enterprise through any internet-connected device.

Enterprises can store their data in public, private or hybrid clouds. There is no limit on the amount of data to be stored.

Scope for innovation
Since no additional team is required to manage infrastructure, enterprises could focus more on innovative development.

Data stored in the cloud is backed up periodically. Hence, there is no need to worry about data loss in case of an attack.

Our Cloud Computing Services

AWS Cloud Services
Azure Cloud Services

How can we help you?

At Navtech, we make use of our expertise in delivering Cloud Computing Services to boost your business. We cater to PaaS and SaaS requirements of our clients. Our experts guide you in identifying business drivers, defining a cloud roadmap for your business and managing your cloud resources. We take care of your cloud platforms and assist you in developing cloud-based applications. Apart from these, we offer our clients the freedom to choose specific tools suitable for their need. Developing applications in the cloud reduces the time to market. We ensure that our clients receive no less than a remarkable experience.

Benefits of working with us

Tussle-free migration
We identify suitable business assets for migration, choose the right platform and make sure the transition is done smoothly.

Years of experience
Our experts have harnessed heaps of experience with industry-leading cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

Expedite time to market
By leveraging our expertise in Azure Cloud Service Deployment, you can rapidly get your new apps & services to the market.

Flexible & Secure
Our growth depends on your trust. Hence, we make sure that your data is secure and our solutions are flexible to meet your needs.

Affordable price
 Providing exceptional solutions at a competitive price is what makes us unique.

Round the clock support
We provide 24/7 operational support and also maintenance.

More Services

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Manage your applications and workloads for a seamless cloud experience
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