Build Trend-Setting Apps With Our Platform Development Solutions

Modernization has increased the scope for innovation significantly. Enterprises that are able to cater to the immediate demands of the customers are transforming the world. According to a survey, on-demand solutions are able to attract around 22 Million people annually. Popular examples include Uber, AirBNB etc.

This presents enterprises, especially startups, with a golden opportunity to leverage on the gradually evolving on-demand economy. Therefore, if you have an idea that has the potential to address the immediate demand of your customers, Navtech can be the suitable partner for you. With our Platform Development Solutions, we craft your idea into reality.


Benefits of On Demand Platform Development Solutions

  • Reach big: Enterprises can increase product reach significantly by making their services available at the fingertips of customers.
  • Enriched experience: With customizable solutions, enterprises can offer doorstep services to customers; thus providing an exclusive and excellent experience.
  • Low-cost development: Development prices are based on the business requirements of your service while keeping the budgetary constraints of SMB’s.
  • A spectrum of choices: Enterprise can attend to multiple requirements of customers at the same time with on-demand app services.

How can we help you?

With technology progressing every day, enterprises need a strong foundation to underpin their business objectives. Delivering the services alone is not enough. They need to find a way to adhere to the stringent deadlines and deliver the services on time. As a leading Platform Development Company, Navtech offers a timely delivery of mobile and web solutions to attain your business goals.

Our diverse experience coupled with the unique insights into technology enables us to build sterling on-demand apps or solutions. We help enterprises to increase their productivity, which in turn helps them to procure an increased ROI. With us, enterprises can cherish flexible and reliable ways to stay competitive. From Transport to Healthcare, our experts cater to a diverse range of industry verticals.

Benefits of working with us

  • Build strong customer relationship: We enable you to build a strong relationship with your customers and also let you collect important user information.
  • Seamless navigation: With our on-demand app development solutions your customers would be able to cherish a clutter-free navigational experience.
  • Prioritize issues: We help you find issues that impede your service delivery and deal with them at the earliest.
  • Measure with analytics: Evaluate, measure and track all your transactions with analytics and increase convenience in your business.
  • Cutting-edge technology stack: Our experts are proficient in technologies such as AWS, React, AngularJS, NodeJS, etc.

Platform Development Services We Provide:

Web Application Development Company
Our experts devise high-end web software, web apps, and web portals

Mobile Application Development
Build robust, high quality mobile applications for your business
E-Commerce Web Development
Boost your online business with our end-to-end e-commerce solutions
DevOps Consulting Services
Streamline your product development process with our assistance
Software Development Services
We create innovative and engaging products for your enterprise


Stay secured & compliant With Our Cloud Governance Solutions

Whether you have an idea of a startup or you’re running a large-scale enterprise, a cloud platform renders rapid access to IT resources at a feasible cost. In order to witness the full potential of the cloud, enterprises need to administer certain doctrines or principles; typically Cloud Governance.

Migrating to the cloud is only the first step to garner its benefits. You still got a lot of miles to walk as the cloud is surrounded by a plethora of challenges. Hence, governing the cloud is very critical to address these challenges.


Benefits of Cloud Governance Solutions

  • Abhor instance wastage: Instance wastage is the primary cause for a colossal annual or monthly cloud bill. With proper governance, you can reduce instance wastage.
  • Address security and compliance risks: An effective governance strategy helps you to mitigate the major inhibitors of opting Cloud Migration Services.
  • Provision right size and capacity: Evaluate the right size and the capacity of the instances to be procured from the service provider.
  • Enhance accessibility: Implement role-based access control to prevent unauthorized infiltration of data.
  • Monitor cloud spend: Track the cloud spend by administering licensing and chargeback capabilities across all services used by the organization.
  • Optimize cloud costs: Identify areas of improvement and take measures to garner the benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud Governance is to enforce enterprise-specific policies and principles to the utilization of cloud platform services. These policies are to secure the applications and data when they are located remotely. Deploying a proper governance strategy not only helps your organization to secure the cloud but also keeps your annual or monthly cloud bill in check.

How can we help you?

By now, you must have understood the significance of implementing governance measures for your cloud. Navtech integrates with your AWS/ Azure cloud to offer appropriate Cloud Governance Solutions. Our solutions are supported by powerful and trusted SLA’s that are customized based on your requirement.

We identify the best approach to ensure that your new and existing processes agree with existing IT governance policies. We monitor how much your organization is spending on cloud and identify areas where you could reduce the cloud costs.

Benefits of working with us

  • Wider range: Navtech has a huge range of customizable offerings for your data in the cloud.
  • Establish control: Our solutions help your enterprise retain the control of your cloud by applying business-specific policies.
  • Tag Enforcement: Using our AWS tag enforcement approach, you can ensure that all your instances have been assigned with important metadata.
  • Efficient resource acquisition: With the self-service provisioning ability, you can control the type of instances acquired throughout your organization.
  • Increase agility: Our end-to-end solutions help you maintain a mature cloud environment which increases agility and lets you achieve your business goals.
  • Guidance: We offer robust Cloud Advisory Services that help you to give shape to new business opportunities.

Cloud services we provide:

Cloud Managed Services
Manage your applications and workloads for a seamless cloud experience

Cloud Migration Services
Cherish the benefits of the cloud by leveraging our solutions

Cloud Advisory Services
Identify suitable business opportunities with the help of our experts

Cloud Security Solutions
Safeguard your cloud environments with our effective security solutions

Cloud Provisioning Services
Provision and de-provision cloud resources according to your demand

Cloud Computing Services
Gain a competitive advantage with our PaaS and SaaS solutions

Tackle disruption With Our Digital
Strategy Management Services

In today’s digital world, enterprises are being compelled to rethink their business models because of rapidly evolving customer expectations. Seamless user-friendly navigation at the lowest possible cost has become the primary criteria for evaluating service providers.

To thrive in a competitive market, enterprises need an effective strategy at the heart of their business. This strategy should be devised by considering the full span of technologies, from Platform Development Services to cloud, and must be utilized in rendering unprecedented business services to the customers. These services have to be delivered using agile methodologies that provide for rapid deployment and rigorous maintenance.


What are the benefits of having a digital strategy?

  • Effective utilization: Enterprises can make the most out of technology to work faster and smarter.
  • Identify opportunities: Organizations can understand ways to clasp opportunities that promote growth.
  • Unify business: Effective digital strategies enable enterprises to unify business and technology architectures.
  • Meet demands: By developing digital-ready applications, enterprises can meet the growing demands of the customers.

With the increasing demands of the customers, enterprises need an intuitive approach to achieve business goals. They need to ensure that their workforce is digitally agile. They also need to extract maximum value from the analytics and data available to craft new market opportunities. We can help you to tackle all the challenges that disruption causes and let you stay competitive in the market.

How can we help you?

Navtech’s Digital Strategy Management Services help you to target the opportunities that arise due to digital disruption. Our methodology starts by
assessing the current digital scenario of your enterprise, breaking down the collected information and planning an appropriate strategy. We help you implement effective strategies through the whole of your IT environment and let you stay ahead of the competition.

We focus on increasing business productivity and ROI by leveraging IT effectively. Our services are integrated with your IT environment to change the facade of your business models. These services rely on analytics and insights to transform your business; from mobile to Cloud Strategy Services and beyond. Our approach enables your enterprise to reinvigorate business understanding, customer interaction, and problem-solving capabilities.

Benefits of working with us

  • Gain new focus: We help you grasp the opportunities that occur due to digital disruption and let you craft market opportunities.
  • Work smart: We use cognitive insights and analytics to help you explore better ways of working.
  • Generate growth: Our Digital Strategy Management Services help you gain an upper hand in the market by generating growth and productivity.
  • Enhance profits: By building technology roadmaps and using cutting-edge technologies, we help you maximize ROI.

Rev Up Your Business With Our Best Practices Consulting Services

To thrive in an ever-shifting industry, enterprises need to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Only by leveraging the industry-leading best practices, enterprises will be able to outperform their rivals and gain a competitive advantage.

Best practices are those approaches that have been proven to achieve positive results and over time, become the standard way of doing business. They produce continuous improvements in the process as well as the workflow of an organization. By implementing these practices, enterprises will be able to develop their overall performance to a significant extent.


Benefits of using Best Practice

  • High success probability: Enterprises can increase their likelihood of attaining success by using the best practices.
  • Improve quality: By leveraging the repository of best practices, enterprises can improve the product quality.
  • Effective utilization: With scalable best practices that are implemented across the entire business, enterprises can get the most out of technology.
  • Become more competitive: Best practices enable enterprises to surpass their adversaries and drive operational efficiency.

Understanding how to implement these practices for your business is critical to improving the overall efficiency. It includes solving of internal as well as external issues. In order to solve these issues and stay ahead of the competition requires an expert and experienced guidance. With the help of our Best Practices Consulting Services, you can address the business challenges and also increase the revenue significantly. 

How can we help you?

Navtech brings in a group of experienced and dedicated consultants who have accumulated the knowledge of best practices over the years. Their ability to understand the business needs makes us provide a diverse range of services for small & large-scale enterprises. Our services vary from workflow optimization to IT administration, project management to change management, & beyond. Our methodologies are based on years of experience coupled with the use of cutting-edge technology. We assess your existing IT systems and make sure they are in-line with the industry best practices.

Benefits of working with us

  • Enhanced operations: We assess the way your organization works and help you define a new standard for operational effectiveness. 
  • Diverse expertise: With our deep expertise in IT solutions & cutting-edge technologies, we help you gain a competitive advantage.
  • Accelerate change: Our experts oversee change management, thereby expediting innovation and change.
  • Create new opportunities: We help you identify or create new business opportunities and also to generate more revenue.
  • Specialized improvements: We target specific areas of your business and make some improvements that are beneficial in the long run.