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The constant advancement of technology in ever-expanding complexities opens up new doors and opportunities for organizations in every industry all around the world. Regardless of whether you are in the real estate, health, warehousing or freight industry, there is a form of technology designed to better the efficiency of your operations. If you are leveraging these technologies to break into new market, save lives or boost sales, technology will have made its impact.

What remains is to guarentee that you keep on top of things. Technology in any business landscape never will stay static. You don’t want your business to be overtaken by events, trends or your competitors. Always make sure that you capitalize on newer trends, more efficient technologies and advanced communication methods and channels to stay relevant and wiser.

Harness the Power of Technology

Every business relies on technology in big and small ways. As technology evolves, businesses have an overriding need to incorporate some form of technology. Simply, the same technology cannot afford to remain at the backend; it’s an integral component of any discerning business front end. There are several elements that technology has transformed for the better.

The job of technology today in the business landscape cannot be emphasised any further. It’s imperative that you employ a workforce that is techsavvy and pro-active when it comes to handling business. Getting your systems up to date with emerging trends not only boosts productivity, but it has immense bearing on your bottom-line.  Today, an IT partner for every business, big or small is indispensable.

We can help you adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of technology at an organizational level. Team Navtech can help your business stay at the top of your game; meeting better operational efficiency and maintaining a sharper competitive edge

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Latest Trends in Business Technology

The value of almost every product today comes from software. But building these software-enabled products presents new challenges. Many software development teams or companies face huge challenge in this rapid growing technology space. The pace of innovate in technology architectures and stacks need to be adapted.

We are ready to help your business enforce technology upgrades as part of the development cycle and update all our architectures, patterns, frameworks every six months.

Application Architecture

In the face of today’s unprecedented pace of technology overhaul, Gartner had predicted that more than 75% of multi-enterprise processes will be implemented as composite applications by 2018.

Traditional businesses are being reinvented overnight, and your organization needs to find a quick and effective way to respond to the sudden changes in the landscape. Navtech can help you build the right Application Architecture; laying the foundation for agility, scalability and reliability in your application landscape,  and defining the framework of your organization’s application solutions against business requirements.

Application Architecture, over the years, has moved from 2-Tier to 3-Tier to what is now Monolithic MVC to Microservices MVC. Soon enough enterprises will adopt the shift into Data/ML/AI oriented architecture and Blockchain-based architectures.

Technology Infrastructure

A business has to adopt the most modern technological infrastructures. However, choosing the safest and most cost-relevant option among the alternatives available in the markets can be a hassle.  Similarly, migrating existing systems and data to such new infrastructure without compromising on security can be another massive challenge.

At Navtech, we are capable of addressing your IT challenges through delivering solutions and services with a process-driven approach and flexible IT infrastructures that meet your business demands and budgets.

Cloud and Hybrid systems have arizen, where you can use the capabilities of cloud computing to increase efficiency and security of the transfer of data collected by your day-to-day business. 

Languages and Frameworks

Selecting the appropriate Programming Language and Framework to develop software for your company is never an easy task. Frameworks and programming languages work in concert and are intertwined. But a business can only focus on so much with the time to figuring both the right frameworks and the languages they enhance.

The language should be best suited for your requirements and budgets. Planning software development should be done according to the advantages and disadvantages of every language. We make sure to complete this first step efficiently to help you gain maximum profits.

Programming languages have evolved throughtout the ages of technology, starting from Typesafe Object-Oriented and synchronous programming languages (Java, C#)  to the current forms of Asynchronous programming (NodeJS, Ruby, Python); which soon will veer into Functional programming (Scala, Golang).

Frameworks similarly have moved on from Legacy and bundle Monolithic Frameworks (HTML templates, jquery) to Single Page Application frameworks (Angular, React, Vue).

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