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What If Game Of Thrones Was A Software Development Company



Game Of Thrones In Software Development Company

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones has finally premiered and excitement is high. Theories and conspiracies about the Night King, the Long Night, the Great War, and who will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne abound. We are, however, going to steer clear from such speculations and work with what we know. Can the epic fantasy series be recast as a Software Development Company?

The franchise is vast, and its characters have great depth. This allowed us to work with the character molds and choose our top contenders for major positions at any firm.

  1. CEO

    CEOOur nominee for this role would definitely be Daenerys Targaryen. A CEO should be a far-sighted leader. She can create opportunities for both the company and its employees to progress. Daenerys has proved time and again her worth as a Queen. She built an army from nothing and commands troops of over 100,000 men at current count.

    She has also led all of them to Westeros to reclaim the Iron Throne, though the White Walkers currently stand in her way.

  2. COO

    COO-2As the second-in-command of the company, the COO works closely with the CEO. He ensures that business operations are effective and efficient. Tyrion Lannister is obviously the best candidate for the role! He is the Hand of the Queen and advises her on all governing issues. His assistance has helped Daenerys to understand the hearts of her subjects.

    Under his expert administration, she chose to stay at Dragonstone instead of waging war against Cersei and laying waste to the kingdom.

  3. Vice President

    VP-3Generally, the leader of a segment of the business can be designated as the Vice President. He is responsible for a specific division and reports to the CEO. In our case, Eddard Stark is the most suitable candidate. He was the Warden of the North and maintained peace in the kingdom. He owed allegiance to Robert Baratheon, the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Not only did he help him win the throne, but he also helped him maintain it later by offering valuable advice and support.

  4. Project Manager

    PM-4Managing a technology project involves strategizing and taking key decisions to minimize the risks associated with it. The manager has to work with her team of developers and App Developers to successfully complete the project. Cersei Lannister has proven her skills in this regard from the beginning. She recognizes threats to her family and kingdom and acts to prevent them altogether. These actions can be misguided at times though, such as her manipulations against Tyrion and the Tyrell house. As the current reigning monarch in Westeros, she will have to call in all her training from her father and forge alliances to emerge alive.

  5. HR Manager

    Recruiting top talent, keeping them happy, and ensuring their professional development are the primary roles of an HR executive. He has to work with his employees to help the Software Development Company grow. Lord Varys’ group of miscreants and orphans might not seem like the most ideal employees, but his skill at working with them cannot be ignored!

    His corporation of secrets has employees across the realms of men who unfailingly do his bidding.

  6. Marketer

    MARKETER-6This role requires a responsible person who can identify market needs and demands. Consequently, he has to formulate plans that can attract new customers while retaining the old. Who else but Jon Snow could accomplish this successfully? He has been on a mission to unite all of the living realms against the common enemy ever since he was elected as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. In the previous season, he went as far as venturing beyond the Wall to capture a wight and convince the Queens of the imminent threat. His marketing skills have brought the largest army ever seen to the North to fight in the Great War.

  7. Full Stack Developer

    ARYA-7Whether you need front-end development or back-end development, a full stack developer is equipped with all the skills required. They have acquired proficiency as Web Developers with long and rigorous training; much like Arya Stark! She traveled across the Narrow Sea to train to be one of the faceless men. She learns how to change visages after strenuous training before heading back to Winter fell to avenge her family. Using her vast range of skills, she has begun to accomplish her goals.

  8. Data Scientist

    DS-8Who acquires large amounts of data/information, manages and manipulates it to ultimately achieve his goals? None other than Petyr Baelish! “Knowledge is power,” and his life stands testimony. He has a network of spies to collect data for him, which he uses to climb up the social ladder. His genius is revealed when we realize that he plotted with both Lysa Arryn and Olenna Tyrell to slowly bring down House Lannister.

    Fortunately, his schemes could not fool Sansa in the end!

Finally, we have an evident threat to any company — active competitors in the market. The constant tussle between companies in the same field is unavoidable. Similarly, the imminent threat posed by the White Walkers is the greatest danger that our GoT characters face. The Great War between the living and the dead has only just begun. Only the next few episodes will tell us who will ultimately win the Iron Throne.

These were our top picks. What do you think? Can they survive cutthroat competition in the IT industry? Let us know if you have more suggestions and share them in the comments.

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