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Category: DevOps

How containers transform the DevOps Journey

Serverless computing and Container driven development is becoming mainstream and the idea that operating systems can be virtualized to run individual pieces of applications is transforming how computing is evolving. It is important for any organization to understand the process of adopting containers in their firm and how it will affect the technological and cultural transformation. Cont...

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Advantages of Cloud Computing for Business

In recent years, cloud computing has gained tremendous popularity among the business masses, although it has been among us since the inception of the internet. Due to the ascending limitations of the traditional IT model, more and more organizations are migrating their business to a cloud environment. What makes the cloud technology a valuable solution for organizations? To know the answ...

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Category: Cloud Governance

3 Project Management Trends You Can No Longer Ignore in 2020

Building great products require great ideas along with a well thought of plan of execution. Project Management Trends in 2020 requires a great sense of thought and nurturing which directly correlate to the success of the project and accomplish the vision. There is no one solution meets all when it comes to project management. Let's look at 3; Agile, Scrum and Kanban. Over the years, ther...

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Category: AWS

AWS vs Azure vs Google: Cloud Platform Comparison

With the maturing of the cloud technology stack along with addressing of concerns around security, there has been a significant adoption of cloud within enterprises. Cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS have added functionalities like data warehousing and server-less computing to meet the evolving requirement of dynamic enterprises. When evaluating cloud infrastructure pr...

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