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Category: ROR

10 Gems you can't live without as a RoR Developer?

One of the key advantages that Ruby On Rails provides is the ability to build applications with low turnaround times by leveraging packaged libraries i.e. gems. RoR greatest advantage is the ease with which an enterprise can add functionality through packaged libraries i.e. gems. With these open-sourced gems, an enterprise can build the right features for a project. This, without wasting...

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Category: Architecture

Which Frontend Frameworks Work Best with Ruby on Rails?

With more than 100,000 websites built on Ruby on Rails(RoR) it has emerged as one of the most popular development frameworks. On a parallel note with mobile now a linchpin of a enterprise technology environment it is it is important for corporations to evaluate various options while extending there Ruby On Rails application for mobile. In today's increasingly fast-paced world, it is crit...

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Category: DevOps

A Small Approach: How DevOps Can transforms organization

When conversations around Agile started around two decades back, few would have thought that this radically new approach towards software development would take such a long period of time to become mainstream. With Agile now the centrepiece of software development methodology the focus on rapid prototyping, frequent releases and close collaboration with various stakeholders is clearly vi...

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Category: Architecture

RoR vs PHP: What a Startup Founder Needs to Know

Today, RoR and PHP are two of the most widely known and used programming languages. For a long time, web programmers, engineers and companies have been immersed in a debate of establishing the superiority of one over the other. Because both have their pros and cons, their superiority, per-se, depends on the utility one derives from them. As a startup, which technology to leverage is a qu...

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