How containers transform the DevOps Journey

Serverless computing and Container driven development is becoming mainstream and the idea that operating systems can be virtualized to run individual pieces of applications is transforming how computing is evolving. It is important for any organization to understand the process of adopting containers in their firm and how it will affect the technological and cultural transformation.

How DevOps transforms organization

When conversations around Agile started around two decades back, few would have thought that this radically new approach towards software development would take such a long period of time to become mainstream. With Agile now the centerpiece of software development methodology the focus on rapid prototyping, frequent releasesand close collaboration with various stakeholders is clearly visible.

AWS deployment best practices

AWS deployment best practices With more than 47% market share in the public cloud market, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a de facto leader in this domain. It has been able to achieve this by undertaking various activities including building a high level of trust based relationship with technology leaders and developing solutions that are loved by the developer community.

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure; which Cloud provider is right for me?

With the maturing of the cloud technology stack along with addressing of concerns around security, there has been a significant adoption of cloud within enterprises. Cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS have added functionalities like data warehousing and serverless computing to meet the evolving requirement of dynamic enterprises.

Azure versus AWS which is better suited for my application?

With cloud adoption increasing exponentially, the role of IT is evolving from simply undertaking infrastructure planning to designing and deploying platforms that provide optimal performance. Enterprises today have multiple choices between cloud infrastructure at varying price points and performance levels. Find out which is better suited for your application.